Body Love

When you think about your body or body love, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Quite honestly, fat is the first word that comes to mind. Under clothes, I hide it well.  Naked is a little harder to accept.  I made huge strides during February Photofest 2019 in learning to accept my body … Continue reading Body Love


I think and over think everything.  I am getting worse in some areas and better in others but basically, I am constantly over thinking things and worrying about things.  Sometimes I label it as processing.  I do that when I want to justify the worry and overthinking.  I get it honestly from my mother.  When she … Continue reading Overthinking


I have never been someone who has migraines.  Or so I thought.  For the past few months, I have had nothing but headaches.  Sometimes they are super noticeable and sometimes barely there.  They have been constant, however.   Today has been one of those days where it was constant and pretty painful.  The usual dulling … Continue reading Headaches