I know that I have commented on this before.  I think we have all blogged or tweeted about this in one fashion or another.  I have responded to comments and worked through other's post and blogs but felt I needed to delve a little deeper on the subject. I have experienced sex without consent.  Looking … Continue reading Consent



She stared at the screen.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  No thoughts.  No ideas.  Nothing.  The hum of the neighborhood activity was subtle but noticeable.  Maybe that was the problem.  She walked across the room and switched on the fan.  It wasn't warm inside.  It was the perfect temperature.  October finally brought the cooler weather.  The neighborhood … Continue reading Blocked


It's been a stressful month. Studying for tests that make or break your career and dealing with life is a bitch! I've been absent and slightly neglectful of my blog but I'm taking off to the beach this weekend yo rest and recharge. I'll be back soon!