This subject, as most of these subjects, is bittersweet for me.  My gratitude runs deep with this.  As I have mentioned before, I was very late in coming to find my sexual self.  Very sheltered and not aware of what was out there, always thinking I was defective.   Through my writings and directly to him … Continue reading Grateful


Ugh!  Where do I start on aging??  I am the proverbial teeter toter on this issue.  First, it is just a number, right?  50 is the new 30?  You are only as old as you feel?  Sure, and I agree with all of that.  But somedays I feel really fucking older than my biological age.  Yes, … Continue reading Aging


Embarrassed – Have you ever been embarrassed to ask your partner for something sexually? Have you ever had an embarrassing sexual moment? Is there something about yourself you are embarrassed to show or share? Embarrassed then...  I NEVER asked for what I wanted during sex.  Until Daddy and I started our relationship I thought I … Continue reading Embarrassed


I don't know that when I talk about my "turn-ons" it is a simple list.  Being late in life finder of my sexuality that new things I have found I enjoy come to mind first.  The kinky things!  Impact play, submission, candle play, etc.  Even that list is an ever-evolving one.  However, I think there … Continue reading Turn-Ons