Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships, trips without your partner, simply not living together - it all adds up to one thing: being D/s even when you’re not together. The solution you find for your relationship will be specific to you and to your circumstances, but if you’re already living through a long-distance relationship or you think you … Continue reading Long Distance Relationships

Introducing D/s into your vanilla relationship

How did you introduce D/s into your vanilla relationship?  What worked and what didn’t? Ugh!  Let’s start with what didn’t.  My first long-term relationship was with my now ex-husband.  We never talked about sex, we never communicated what was good and what wasn’t.  We never really joked around or teased each other and there was … Continue reading Introducing D/s into your vanilla relationship

Negative Emotions

How do you handle negative emotions like anger, jealousy, and fear now? My past four years have been nothing but negative emotions honestly.  My daughter’s addiction to heroin was revealed in December of 2014.  2015, getting her clean.  2016, keeping her clean and healthy.  2017, still working on getting my daughter on track, the end … Continue reading Negative Emotions