Bra Discovery

White body with Burgundy bra with detailed crochet design

Through this Covid19 situation, I have been pleased about one thing.  I think, since March I have worn a bra maybe three times.  I love being naked, and if I can’t be naked, at least I can get by without a bra, under a T-shirt.  I started cleaning and purging some clothes and found this beautiful bra.  I ordered it with something sexy in mind with my person – and that ended abruptly, so I tucked in the drawer and forgot about it.  Finding it again made me think that I should start buying things for me!  Just me!  Not for anyone else.  That way – I can wear them without having some sad and depressing thoughts attached to it.

I put this on and instantly fell in love with it.  I hadn’t even tried it on when I arrived in the mail because it made me sad.  It was still in the bag with the tag attached to it, and I put it in the drawer and out of my mind.  Through time and some building strength, I was able to smile when I saw this and put it on.  I fucking love this little bra!

So, I strutted around in this cute bra for an entire day.  Ok, I had sweat pants on, and the AC was on – but it was as close to naked as I could get and not risk having to take the puppy out last minute.  Oh, and yes, I did walk outside on my porch in this bra, and not only did I not care if the neighbors saw me, but I was also kind of hoping they would!

Lingerie is for Everyone

Lingerie is For Everyone





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