It Is Within Me

pink pussy with pink cloth on black sheets it is within me


It is within me.  Sleepless nights, brain on overdrive, everything tried, tossing and turning, where are the peace and calm?

It is within me.  Hard to find at times, but I can reach it.  Fingers inserted into my pussy to explore and exhaust my physical self.  If I exhaust myself physically, perhaps my mind will rest.

Some count sheep, and some take sedatives.  I reach for my sole through the means I have learned what works best.  Time for myself.  Time to get lost. I am searching for peace and searching for release.

I am tired of waiting for someone else to make it better.  No need for anyone else.  Would anyone else help anyway?  No, they would not.  I am here for myself, and I will take advantage of myself before anyone else has the chance.  I am in control.  Now and for now on, I am in control.

I will not underestimate myself.  I will appreciate what I have to offer.  I will enjoy the feelings and pleasure I can give myself.  I will undo the knots and tangles left by others and relax one muscle at a time.  Then tense them up and tie them up again by my design.

I have to remind myself always; it is within me.


Masturbation Monday
Sinful Sunday


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