Day 14 – Candied Hearts

naked body front with candied hearts sprinkled over the body

These little candied hearts are my favorite Valentine’s Day candy.  Valentine’s Day has always been awkward for me.  When I was younger it meant it was the one day my first day would shop by himself and buy my Mom, Sister and myself a small box of chocolate and a little stuffed animal.  He hated shopping and this was the only day he forced himself to go it alone.  It was special and I miss those Valentine’s Days.  Valentine’s Day is also the day before my birthday so while Dad made it special it was always a prelude to my big day, whatever that looked like year by year.

As I got older Valentines Day became the romantic fantasy of candied hearts, roses, and love.  I had one or two good ones but mostly they fell short of my expectation.  To be fair, I had the expectation of young woman wanting to believe the hype of the day.  Romantic dinners, candied hearts and flowers, and romantic lovemaking.  After a while, I would just wish the person I was with would remember my favorite Valentine candy was the candied hearts with little messages on them.  I preferred them to chocolate and to be honest after Dad stopped giving me chocolate, I didn’t want it from anyone else.

Conversation hearts or candied hearts as I called them are straight-up sugar and probably the worst thing you could put in your body.  But like candy corn in October, this was my February candy.  Whether I was in a relationship or not I would buy them for myself, and yes, eat the whole bag myself because not a lot of people like them.  That was okay by me.



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