Day 3 – Blue lace

blue lace over woman's breast nipple visible under the lace


Lace always seemed itchy to me.  Lace also always reminded me of my grandmother.  She had all these lace doilies on her furniture.  It was confusing because we couldn’t but drinks on the furniture or the lace doilies.  She put starch on them too so every time I touched them, they were hard and crusty.  My relationship with lace was to avoid it.  Even shirts with lace on them were less than appealing.   I liked the soft things.  Even soft leather was better than starchy lace.  Flannel.  I liked the flannel pajamas and soft fluffy sweaters.  Not incredibly sexy but back then, that wasn’t my focus.

Fast forward to my sexier days and expanding my preferences.  Corsets, patterned stockings, maybe some leather, but yes, lace.  I still don’t like it too stiff but some lace (I am learning) is not starchy.  I am also loving new colors although red will always be my favorite.  I haven’t always embraced lingerie but I am trying harder to accept how I look in things that don’t cover all of me and aren’t purposely baggy (Comfy).  I bought this outfit over a year ago and carried it to London for Eroticon 2019.  My plan was to get some pictures in it for February Photofest 2020.  (Yes, I was planning that far ahead).  The problem was I put this on and was instantly unhappy with how it looked.  I know you can’t see the whole outfit but it will probably make an appearance later in the month.

I really love lingerie now.  I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me and what looks best on me.  It is a process for a girl who never really liked how she looked in anything.  It is partly a matter of accepting my body, self-love and all of that, but it is also the mere fact that just because it is cute and looks good in a catalog, doesn’t mean it will look good on me.  And that’s ok.


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5 thoughts on “Day 3 – Blue lace

  1. I agree about the heavily starched lace thing. I always still think that lace will be scratchy and rough, even though I know it’s not really the case anymore. I love the little glimpse inside the lace here. Very alluring.

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