Love hurts

It has been quite the weekend of an emotional roller coast.  I met two babies and celebrated by friends engagement.  Love of all kinds was in the air.  I returned home Friday night to find that my daughter and her girlfriend were struggling.  When I returned home Saturday night, they had broken up.  Love hurts.  The ultimate fight was over something silly but as we all know it was the accumulation of things that had been building over time.

There is nothing to say to someone with a broken heart.  All the words that could be said and usually are sound trite coming out.  Having gone through it recently, I know this to be true.   I also know that while the words don’t help they are appreciated.  If not in the moment you remember them when the fog clears.  I did, I hope they do.

Love Hurts by Nazareth was popular when I was younger.  Clearly through one of my many young relationship struggles.  (They were mostly unrequited love struggle – such was my life then and now apparently).

“Love hurts, love scars, it wounds, it mars, any heart… “

Simple but true words strung together in a phrase that everyone who has ever trusted enough to give their heart has felt and relates with.  Understanding it is something altogether.  These two girls have been through a lot together.  They came here last year to start over and make a life together.  They didn’t lose sight of the goal.  I am not sure what happened.  I am not sure they know what happened.

Both sad, both broken-hearted, one wants to try to make it work and the other isn’t sure that she does.  I am not sure what to hope for except for them to find their happiness however they can.  Unfortunately, this Mama doesn’t have the answers or the magic words to make it all better.  Nothing motherly or wise to ease their pain.  I have only an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.


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