February Photofest 2019 – Day 23

There was a lot of discussion about photos that we post and how they are viewed, porn or art.  This is something that has always been a question in my mind.  After ready Molly Moore’s – My cunt is art post and also Brigit Delaney’s – My most naked reflection I was moved and inspired to post my thoughts, and my cunt as well.

I come from a family of bad communicators on all levels, so the fact that we didn’t have open conversations about sex when I was growing up isn’t a surprise.  The woman that I am now and the way I can have conversations about sex and sensual things has been an evolution of my own.  Giving credit where credit is due, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Sir.  For that, I will always be grateful.  Having said that, much of my growth has come on my own, and since Sir left me.

Feeling comfortable with myself and my body has always been difficult.  I have never found male or female genitalia attractive.  Nothing ever seemed “beautiful” to me.  When I started taking pictures of my own body (for Sir) I found it easier because he wanted them and asked for them.  I would shudder as I hit send because I hated how they all looked.   None of my pictures looked like the pictures I had seen.  Much like my face and other parts of my body, I saw aging, discoloration, nothing beautiful.

Brigit talked about her concern that her photo would be viewed as porn as opposed to art.

” …maybe I fear that if I show photos like this, they will be seen more like porn than as art, and since art is the goal, I shy away from going this far.”

This struck me because while I didn’t want my photos, the ones of my vagina, breast, backside, etc., to be viewed as porn, I never thought of them as art.  So if not porn, then what?  Just pictures I was dumb enough or brave enough to post of myself that would go out to whoever was reading? I am nowhere near the photographer as others posting. When I look at the other photos I see art.

Beautiful pictures, not just of body parts, but when you look at them you see people expressing themselves in various different ways.  All the photos are telling different stories.  Sometimes it is deep and thought-provoking and sometimes it is funny.  At times, it is straight up sex and hot, it is all of that and more.  Maybe the quality of my fumbling awkward selfie phone pictures isn’t what makes it art.  Maybe what makes it art is the expression and the reason for the photo.

Right after I read Briget’s post, I read Molly’s.  Molly’s post, My cunt is art.  I have been amazed by the photographs that come from the eyes of this woman.  There hasn’t been one picture that I have seen that I saw as porn.  They are beautiful and are usually coupled with words that take you to another place completely.  Words that change your initial impression of the photo and allow you to open your mind and see and feel what she is expressing in her photography.  It was interesting to me that she was also provoked by Brigets words.  She writes,

“But is it, or any of the graphic pictures I have posted porn or art?

The answer to that is, yes. Because that depends on who is looking at them and in what context but I believe they are all art, some of them might make your cunt wet or your dick hard, that might even be their main purpose but that does not mean they are not also art. Art is meant to move you, it is meant to make you think or feel something, and that something might be arousal. It might not, it might the opposite but that does not mean it is not art, good art often inspires complex reactions in people…”

We post things as an expression of ourselves.  We can not control what these expressions mean or bring out in others.  Yes, we get wet or hard, turned on or turned off from photos but that is exactly what makes it art to some people.  That is exactly what makes it porn to some people.  (There is also the point that a photo being porn isn’t a bad thing.  Porn isn’t a bad thing.  That’s another post).

All of the people involved with February Photofest 2019 and years past are posting for their own specific reason.  There are common threads in all of them.  Whether the goal is art or porn, the process is always an expression of some kind.  Art is an expression.

Best laid plans can change, and it is good. 

I took this photo early in the month and was saving it for the end.  My reasons weren’t necessarily due to it being viewed as art or porn, but to show my growth over the month.  I’ve been adventurous in my post (for me at least) up to this point this month.  LIke Briget, I also was holding out for the final picture to be of my most private part, a huge step on the 28th of the month.  As you can see it isn’t the greatest quality shot and admittedly, it was edited to look vague.  Maybe it is my vagina, maybe it isn’t.

One thing that all of this did bring to mind, which will have me thinking and probably posting about, is this question.  Is my vagina my most private part?  When I think about what is most private to me I think it is my mind, my heart, my soul.  I have bared the contents of these three things freely.  Written things I have held close for years and shared feelings that I thought would break me if they were out of my body and in print for all to see.

I have shared my experiences with my Sir that even when times were good had to be kept private.  Enclosed in my mind, heart, and soul.  I have put the broken pieces of my heart alongside my dark and empty soul into words and laid them out for all to see.  These are my most private parts.  Why should putting my body and its parts out there be any different?


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