There have been few times in my life when I have felt sexy.  This was one of those times.   I did a photo shoot with Daddy’s bike because I wanted to give him something for his birthday (2/13 and Valentines Day (2/14).  I thought photos with the bike (his pride and joy) would be a different idea.  It was the beginning of February, freezing, in the storage unit where he kept his bike.  I changed in the storage unit and took steady shots of Fireball whiskey to keep warm.  I had a blast.  This was one of my favorites.   I felt sexy and pretty and free.  It was partly because I was doing something for him, and partly because I was doing something for me.  I am sure, mostly because of the whiskey.  When I saw these pictures and started editing, I saw a confident sexy me.  I don’t see her often.  I really like her.  She needs to come around more often.


Click the kiss to see more photos from amazing folks!


February Photofest


2 thoughts on “Sexy

  1. Very sexy photo! And, fabulous idea! I love the idea of doing something like this…in secret, kinda sexy, just for him….

    1. Thank you! I loved it! Out of the 100 photos that were taken, I kept 11 that made me feel amazing! He enjoyed them. After I assured him no harm was done to the bike in the taking of the photos. He almost had a stroke when he realized I had to move the bike, and then move it back!

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