Slightly terrifying


This is slightly terrifying.  Hoping it gets easier as the days move forward…

I have always hated pictures of myself.  For all the good things I see, I see a thousand things to pick apart and criticize.  I almost bailed on this commitment because I couldn’t take a picture or find a picture that I was comfortable with.  The more a struggled, the more I realized feeling this way is why I should participate.  So, I picked one all my insecurities could live with.   Thanks to Molly for making this opportunity available and for being such an inspiration for sensual photography, even if it is terrifying!


Please click the link below and check out the other folks participating in February Photofest 2019 as well as past years.  Beautiful photographs of beautiful people.  Enjoy!


February Photofest

10 thoughts on “Slightly terrifying

    1. Thank you so much. The tattoo was my first… the addiction is real but under control. My second marriage, we had a farm, I had horses and she had a motorcycle. The name was oil and oats. We had the logo of the farm tattooed on our legs.

    1. Everything about my new journey has been a challenge to my insecurities, but I am proud of myself for joining and pushing myself to do things that scare the hell out of me!

    1. Thank you! I hope to reach a point when I see a photo of myself I do not pick apart everything and criticize every roll and wrinkle. I try to remind myself that I am who I am.

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