The Office

I could not be any more excited to be a guest blogger on!  My story, The Office, is a true story and one of my favorite times spent with Daddy!

Being a new blogger and new to the kinky community I am always overwhelmed by how welcoming and supportive everyone is.  It means a lot to newcomers to be able to branch out and get our stories out there.  There is never enough confidence in this body of mine.  Being featured on Loving BDSM is definitely a goal met.

I started listening to Loving BDSM about two years ago.  Then, I stalked the website which led me to Kayla Lords website.  So, I stalked her on that website.  I love her open and honest writing.  She writes freely and easily (I know it isn’t easy) and she tells it like it is.  Finding this kind of writing when I was also trying to find my own wings as a writer was definitely a plus.

Being able to have something that I have written on her site makes me feel hopeful (and somewhat unworthy).

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

The Office


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