Technical issues be damned!

The past two weeks have been a mix of emotional and technical issue hell.  Neither are resolved by any means, but I needed to touch base, write something, be connected.  While the technical drama has been intense, I once again went to the trusty pen and paper so I have a lot of thoughts and ideas in the works.  Hoping to find time to organize and get them out of my heart shortly.

I also took a huge step toward working on my day job skills.  This will take time from writing but it is necessary, because well… the day job pays the bills.  Self-assessment and feedback from others is never a part of my comfort zone, but I am stepping out of the zone and tackling a different direction to see if I can conquer this test once and for all.

I hope all had a wonderful holiday season, however you celebrate and this new year brings all you are hoping for.


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