And… a slightly new look… again!

Well, I saw a thread on twitter about plugins and WordPress and I freaked out because I had no idea what any of that meant.   Thankfully, listening to @thesumtlancer and KaylaLords * A sexual Being I reached out to @DomSigns to find the thread where he was giving instruction.  That lead to pretty much an afternoon of tech support far and above what I meant to ask of him.  Gracious, patient (much needed) and generous with his knowledge.  Also, upon realizing there was a time difference, he brushed this aside like it was nothing.  The poor man was up way past business hours.  So, many thanks to @DomSigns for walking me through what for me would have been many hours of frustration and additional grey hair.

Having said that, I’ll need to play around with the new gadgets on my site, so please forgive me if I accidentally post my grocery list, or screw up a post completely.  I am learning as I go!


Now to figure out what a snippet preview is and why I need one.  🙁

6 thoughts on “And… a slightly new look… again!

    1. Thank you! And yes he is. (And he helped with the look). I never could have done what I needed to do without him. I’d be in a puddle of tears with a ruined blog!

    1. Still a major work in progress. Between learning what I am doing and trying not to screw up what I already know, the challenge is real. Thank goodness @domsigns has been so willing to help.

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