The Front Porch

The rain had finally stopped.  Three long days of nothing but rain.  The basement was a river.  The yard, a mess.  The house hot and muggy.  The window air conditioner units couldn’t keep up with the humid air that the rain had brought.  She stepped outside on the front porch.  It was muggy and humid, still and thick.  It was hard to breathe.  She looked up and down the street.  Deserted.  Everyone was inside trying to stay dry.  She was sweaty.  Most of her hair that had been in a knot on the top of her head had slipped its band was falling around her face and neck.

The rain had stopped but the water still dropped from the leaves and power lines.  She sat on the porch floor and listen to the sound of nature.  She had been irritated by the rain.  Now, sitting on the floor of the porch it somehow brought a small piece of relaxation and calm.  She went from her sitting position to laying on her back.  There was a slight breeze coming through the gap between the porch wall and floor.  It was a hot breeze, but it was moving air.   She laid there, letting it roll over her, afraid to move for missing it.

She removed her shirt and felt the warmth from the wood on the porch on her back.  Never putting on a bra this morning she was naked from the waste up.  The way she was laying she could be seen from the street.  She didn’t care.  No one was about anyway.

Her hand moved to her neck.   Her skin was sticky and clammy.  She ran her hand between her breast to wipe the sweat that had gathered there.  It felt good.  Her own touch normally meant nothing to her but in this moment on the porch, breast bare and visible for anyone to see, her touch excited her.  Both hands now, rubbing her breast, pinching her own nipples.  Her body had chills.  Little bumps appeared as her body responded to her own touch.  Her eyes closed as she rubbed and pinched, harder each time.  Part of her thought she should open her eyes to see if anyone was around to see.  She forced herself not to look.  Reckless.  Rebellious.

“What would the neighbors think,” she thought to herself as she remembered this phrase from her childhood.  A naughty smiled came to her lips as she said softly but aloud, “I don’t care.”

The rubbing and pinching had awakened her elsewhere.  Was she wet from her own touch or was it just the steamy atmosphere on the porch?   She bent her legs.  Perhaps this position will allow some of that warm breeze to go through her shorts.  The tingling between her legs, she knew, was not mother nature.  She lifted her hips and removed her shorts.  Giggling to herself about her lack of under garments.  Now, completely naked on the front porch she felt surprisingly free.  She didn’t feel self-conscious at all about her naked body.

One hand remained on her breast with her nipple between two fingers.  The other hand slid down between her legs.  She was slow and methodic.  She drug her index finger from her cleavage down the middle of her body, tracing the belly ring, tugging on it lightly.  One finger traveled down to her clit.   She felt an urgency to touch herself.  She rubbed her clit with just one finger.  She moved it back and forth increasing and decreasing pressure.  Increasing and decreasing her pace.  She wanted this to last.  She was surprised and excited at the pleasure she was bringing herself.   She continued to pinch her nipples, giving both breast equal attention.

Her clit was swollen.  She had rubbed and moved it so much it was tingling and burning.  She felt close but didn’t want to come yet.  She moved down and slid two fingers inside of herself.  She was wet, warm.  She brought her fingers to her mouth to taste herself.  Sweet.  Salty.  She had gone from her nipple to squeezing and compressing her breast with her hand.  Both hands now to give her breast equal attention.

She was lost.  Her mind was solely on herself and her pleasure, nothing else.  She moved her hand back to her pussy.  Two, then three fingers.  She was ready.  The heat from her body and the heat from the wood porch had mixed to form a puddle of sweat beneath her.  As her fingers plunged into her pussy her back arched and she could feel the sweat and water dripping off her body.  She moved back to her clit.  Rubbing it hard and moving it back and forth.  She felt a separate heat coming from her clit.  It moved through her body with a slow craw to reach her throat and exited her body as a quiet moan.  She kept her mouth closed breathing heavily through her nose.  She felt her breast rise and fall faster with as she came closer to her orgasm.  The sweat, the heat, the sensation combined, making her light headed and dizzy.  Her eyes still closed tightly, not in force to avoid the eyes of the neighbors but to fully focus on herself and what she was feeling.  The rise of heat inside of her body matching the heat outside.

She felt her body convulse, her pussy drawing closed and open as her orgasm began.  She continued to rub her clit through the orgasm hoping to prolong it if possible.  She felt the tension in her clit build and her back arch.  She allowed a moan and small scream to escape her as her orgasm reached its peak.  She rubbed until her body moved involuntarily away from her fingers.  Breathing heavily, hot, sweaty, exhausted, she laid on the porch until the muscles in her body relaxed.

She laid there a few minutes.  Gathering herself as she allowed her breathing to slow.  She allowed herself to open her eyes.  She stared at the ceiling of the porch.  She was relaxed.  The heat seemed less oppressive.  She stood, still naked.  She wasn’t in a hurry to leave the porch.  She picked up her shirt and shorts and looked out at the street.  Standing there, not caring that she was naked.  Smiling to herself she turned, walked inside the house and closed the door.

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