Safe words

What is your safe word?

Daddy and I never really talked about safe words specifically.  It took a long time before we were intimate and even longer before we did anything kinky.  Having said that, he is a big supporter of them and believes they have a place and are important.  He is very skilled at reading my body language and my breathing and making sure I am ok.  I will rarely stop things and he knows this.  He has stopped things before I would have based on my body language and how I am responding to things.  However, through time we have developed words and codes.  For basic stuff we typically use the standard “red”.  It is easy to remember and rarely comes out other than as a safe word.  It is my favorite color so there is a little irony that it is also my safety zone.  When we were talking about safe words I thought about trying to be unique and coming up with something different.  I know myself and would probably forget what it was or use the wrong word.  I had visions of me screaming “asparagus” when I wanted something to stop when the safe word was actually “pizza” and decided to keep it simple.  We have a separate code for when I can’t use my words which is either a hand gesture that is unique to us, or a sound made with my mouth that isn’t a word but doable with my mouth is full.

Honestly, to date, I have never had to use a safe word, or a caution word but it is comforting to know they are there when needed.





Thoughts provoked by Loving BDSM



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