Lipstick message

I was in the bathroom preparing for bed and thought it would be cute to leave Daddy a note on the mirror in my lipstick.  I rarely wear lipstick and when I do it is a light natural pink.  I was filled with giddy joy as I drew a heart and wrote “forever your Toy” inside of it.  I finished preparing for bed and left the bathroom.  Daddy went in to take care of his bedtime prep.  Daddy called me into the bathroom with a casual summons.  I walked into the bathroom and he caressed my arm and then suddenly grabbed my hair and forced my face close to the mirror.  “Lick it off!”  I did as told but was instantly sad and horrified that I had angered him.  In addition, if you have ever tried to lick lipstick off a mirror you know that it is no easy task.  So I was also upset that I was unable to do as I was told to correct my error.

I didn’t understand why he was mad.  It showed in my face.  I lowered my eyes and wouldn’t look at him.  He knows this face.  He knows how I hate to disappoint him.  I was trying to do something cute and fun and he didn’t have the same opinion.  He asked why I was sad and I explained that I just wanted to do something cute and I was sorry I angered him.  He replied that It felt like me trying to take ownership.  Marking my place.  I knew he was talking about the fact that not all of his relationships know about me and that if he had missed it, it could have been seen by someone else.  I instantly understood his perspective and I knew it would have caused problems for him.  Once I explained my perspective, he admitted it was cute, but it was not appropriate.

I like leaving notes and reminders that he is loved and missed.  I don’t get those opportunities often, but when I do I like to take advantage of it.  While it was a correction and lesson for me to learn, there was something hot about being pushed into the mirror to lick off my message. (One of the mysteries of BDSM for me, separating pleasure pain and punishment pain).   I am not punished often.  Partially because I am cautious to always be the best I can be for him.  I don’t want to upset him or add stress to him.  Clearly, I am still learning.  But I am a quick learner.  That was the first and the last lipstick message.

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