As the high fades

I am missing him already.  The workday is done, and I’m home. Memories of last night are still strong.   As the high fades, I begin the process of wondering when I will be with him again.  Tonight,  I cannot be alone with my thoughts. There will be people here. How strange that when I am missing him and alone it is depressing. When I want to relive every moment of him using me as the Toy I long to be I just want to be alone with those memories.

I sit here and I’m winding down and wondering where he is and what he is doing.  Is he thinking of me or has he moved on to some other thoughts or some other woman he spends time with?  The light headed high that carried me through the day has slightly faded and sadness settles in once again.

Missing Daddy so much. He is my drug. He is my addiction. There is never enough of him for me.  Others grow weary of his touch and attention but I yearn for it.  Every second of every day!  As the high fades, I long to be in his presence, touch him and serve him.

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